Finally a mystery algae update! (Sort of)

This lad is looking basically the same as before. Still alive and reaching up.

But this one has started to float up and grow new filaments! The unpsidedown mountain shape is entirely new! Good job mystery organisms!

When I first discovered them I took a small portion of one filament and put it in a nutrient solution. This is it now… It’s green. I’d love to look closer when I have time. I’ve got a few hypotheses about what I might find in there…

Am I any closer to an ID? No.

Am I dedicating any time to IDing them? Also no. I’m busy doing “Other Science”. I’m sorry.

Could I have done a better update? Yes but I’m on so much cold medicine right now and also have the plague.


If anyone is totally lost this is an update for a previous post when I found a mystery algae/plant/fungi/alien in my lab’s creepy broken growth chamber. I can’t link that post on mobile but it’s pretty easy to find.






Well my week has been exciting so far.

I had some other work to do this morning (Figuring out some algae stuff involving 1000 L mesocosm up a mountain) so mystery species has been sitting alone in the lab all morning…..

Made it up to the lab today to find this. It’s probably from the fridge defrosting and not the creepy “algae”.

June 13th Update.

According to a few colleagues it’s either a plant, an algae, or a fungi. So that’s been helpful.

After a day with some sunlight I think I might be seeing some chloroplasts.

It seems to like the nutrient solution I added yesterday though!

January 2020: Guess who I saw again today! I didn’t have time to bring out a scope but I’ll post the few pictures I took soon!

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