This little Euglena is using it’s soft pellicle (outer layer) to preform a motion called Metaboli. By essentially squishing it’s insides around it can actually move forwards helped usually by a flagellum.

very neat!! what is the uhh string like thing that’s having it’s own rave but at 5x normal speed ??

That’s it’s flagella! It actually has two of them. They also facilitate movement!

Is moss just a mush of green or is it like a b…

Is moss just a mush of green or is it like a bunch of mini leaves? I've always wondered this. I love your blog❤️

They’re much more than a mush of green! They have individual “leaves” (That are not true leaves because they’re only once cell layer thick!) on tiny stems.

You can actually see the individual cells if you have good enough eyes and a light shining through them.

If you’re ever out and see some moss I highly recommend getting down close and really looking at it. They’re beautiful little plants that deserve more appreciation!

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